[PF2E][Paid $18][Campaign]Godfall Exodus: an Apocaliptic Grimm Dark Game Inspired in Dark Souls, the Prophesy of Ragnarok and The Banner Saga

About the adventure

The War of the Gods is Over, and No One Won. The Gods are Dead, their Corpses changing the land and the people with their Divine Essence. The World is Broken, the Cycles of Nature stopped, and some lands freeze under a Permanent Winter, while others are scorched by Eternal Summer. The Great Empires have fallen, and the Kings and Heroes lie on the battlefields or roam the world as Undead Abominations. You are not Great Heroes, but you are the only thing your people have, the Only Ones Brave Enough to guide your people in search of a safe place on the ruins of the world. Guide your community on an epic journey through a devastated world. Fight or negotiate with monsters left after the war and other desperate people. Keep your people fed, healthy, and without falling into despair. Let others join your exodus, leave them to their fate, or steal all that they have. Keep order through diplomacy or fear. Your choices will have consequences in the short and long term. This game will be the first of my new homebrew setting and all that you do will impact not only your adventure, but future adventures that I DM on the setting of Godfall.

How to prepare

All that you need to play is a working mic, a discord account, and a free https://forge-vtt.com/ account. Reading the rules is recommended, but I will teach the rules to anyone that doesn’t know them. In case you need help creating the character, feel free to contact me at my discord.

What I provide
New homebrew setting for you to explore and change! Multilevel maps, with light, sound, and interactive elements, some of them bought, some made by myself on dungeondraft. Illustrations, personalities, and goals for a host of NPCs. Horror, darkness, and struggle! And a story to make Your Own.

How will character creation work

Players should create their characters before the game, or use one of the premade characters that I will offer (this will include 5 characters in addition to the premades offered by Paizo). To create the character I recommend the use of https://wanderersguide.app/ Characters will begin at level 1, we will the free archetypes and automatic bonus progression house rules. Clerics and other divine casters are playable, the gods are dead, but their power is still flowing, and their followers can still count on that (but attempts to communicate with them will only allow to gain access to that god’s memories)

Link to startplaying: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Godfall Exodus: an Apocaliptic Grimm Dark Pathfinder 2e Game Inspired in Dark Souls, the Prophesy of Ragnarok and The Banner Saga.