[PF2e] [Outlaws Of Alkenstar] [LGBTQ+ Friendly] [GMT +1] [Online] [Foundry] A group of 1 GM and 4 Players looking for one or two more players!

Hey everyone Thanks for reading this post!

As the title says its pretty straight forward we are a group of people looking for one new player to join us in this adventure we have yet to start! We recently switched to Outlaws Of Alkenstar on Foundry and we are needing one or two more players to officially start. Game will be Sundays at around 9 PM My time GMT +1. As i said we have yet to start this AP so you wont be missing anything! Feel free to message me for more info if needed we use Discord for talking as well!

Hi there,
I’ve just sent a DM with my details.
Look forward to hearing back from you.

I’m interested depending on when you end, discord is rubbercluckey#5699

I am a bit new to Pathfinder and foundry But I love to try.
My discord is 1ofthem#0876


I’m a relatively new P2E DM, and I really want to join a group as a player.

My discord is Conrad Zesky#6167

All Places have been filled ^^ Thanks for all the interest