[PF2E][Online][Saturday][Free] Menace Under Otari and Beyond!

:game_die:Hearken unto me, advents!:game_die:
Take heed, for on the horizon, past the Otari hinterlands, something dark and foul stirs to life once more. Deep within The Fogfen, an ancient grudge is reignited and must be quelled by the forged steel or devilish spells of those brave enough to venture deep into The Gauntlight Ruins, but first, it looks like Tamily Tanderveil needs some help at the local fishery and since you seem strapped for the coin, why not oblige her?

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About The Adventure:

:dragon:- Menace Under Otari - Is adventure path of the beginner box designed to teach new players how to play Pathfinder 2E. Each section of the adventure will introduce new concepts while the players learn how to use their abilities and succeed in the dangerous world they find themselves exploring.

Set Up:
While aiding Tamily Tanderveil in stopping a roaming beast destroying her precious stores of fine foods, fish, and wine. “Sarenrae’s blessings! Anything but the wine!”

You and your party members will have an opportunity to come together as newly vested adventurers with a vast array of skills and tools necessary to aid Tamily in keeping her business afloat and the people of Otari safe. Though you may come from various backgrounds, cults, families/clans, or professions, Tamily has always been there for you when needed, and it’s time to repay the favor.

:closed_book:- Troubles in Otrai - is a list of adventures that opens up opportunities for players to explore more of Otari and its surrounding areas. This gives us an opportunity to put some more meat on these adventurer bones before, during and after we set off on the main adventure.

:crossed_swords:- Abomination Vaults - is an adventure module for levels 1-10. Delve deep into this perilous sprawling mega-dungeon as creatures, undead, draconic, monstrous and devilish alike seek to bring ruin and dismay to the denizens of Otari.

Stargazer Wrin Sivinixi grows weary as dark visions fill her thoughts as she looks out towards the hinterlands of Otari. Requiring the aid of adventurers, Wrin seeks answers to quell these omens of woe. Why does The Gauntlight fill her mind and what is the strange ominous glow that pears out through the misty night sky, that apparently only she can see?

[Players]: 0/4
:clock4:[Time]: 2023-09-02T20:30:00Z
:hourglass_flowing_sand:[Session]: Duration: 3~4 hours, Weekly
:crossed_swords:[Level and Character Options]: 1 [Ancestry Paragon and Free Archetype]
:scroll: [System]: Pathfinder 2E
:dragon:[Themes]: Learning The Ropes, Exploration and Home-town heroes
:european_castle:[Setting]: Golarion: Age of Lost Omens
:loud_sound:[Platform]: Foundry VTT, Discord-Voice.
:closed_book: [Requirements]: 18+, Forge VTT and StartPlaying accounts, PC/Computer, Microphone.

Beginner Friendly(Help with Character Creation, Learning Pathfinder 2E and Foundry-VTT)

Hello kobold woude be interestet but kobold needs to admit i never playd pathfinder 2e

and i have not much knolage of the world hope thats not to bad i playd a lot of dnd5e and DM even

also i live in germany hopes thats not to bad and if i may ask is it posibal to play the session on frieday same time?

My sincerest apologies kobold, I am appreciative of your interest in the game, unfortunately I am not able to change the weekly timing of the game at the moment due to my own current work commitments.

I’m also unsure if your current location in Germany may or may not cause issues.

Nonetheless, that is where it stands friend.

Kobold understand well thank you for your answer if ther is by any chanes that one day you can change the date i woude happly join in and dont worry about the time difrents i ask if you coude change the day becaus i have a dnd session in the time you play if it woude be more seperatet i woude glady take my chance

Survey is not available anymore, does it mean the table is full ?

Unfortunately, yes it is Mr.Ozkar. I do apologize for the late notice, but I very much thank you for the interest in the game nonetheless.

Sad kobold noises of not playing dnd