PF2E Kingmaker

Kingmaker Adventure Path
System: PF2e
Open Slots: 2
Requirements: Microphone, Foundry, Discord, Video
**Time and Frequency:**Mondays 6:00pm EST
Description: D&D group of 5 years looking to begin PF2E. 3 sessions into this wonderful AP. We are new to PF and Foundry but the sessions are still very fun. Looking for 2 friendly people to round out the group. Please message me if you have any thoughts or questions. Thanks!

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i am very much interested, ive never played pathfinder, but learn very quickly, and have some experience with 3.5E

i dont know if i get notifications from this, but in case i dont, my discord username is king_calamity

hopefully i will hear from you.

thank you.

I am very interested in playing Kingmaker, I’m running Abomination Vaults right now. We’re on level 4, and plan to run Kingmaker next, so a playthrough would be great for me. I’ve been playing and running PF2e for about a year now. Would love to hear more specifics about your group.

I’m free on Mondays
And have played pathfinder before


Played dnd since first edition
(All editions except 4th)

Played pathfinder once.



I’m interested