PF2e Hell's Rebels

System: PF2e
Players: 4 to 5
Time 7pm to 10pm EST, day TBD

Converting one of (IMO) the best Adventure Paths to the current edition. I will be changing things up, some to fit with the new edition better. And some because having run this twice in 1e, I have ideas to up the roleplay and the intrigue.

Looking for 4 to 5 players. Reply here, but also message me. Tell me a bit about your TTRPG experience, your play style, and what you feel you bring to a game!

Howdy. I’ve been playin’ and runnin’ ttrpgs for 5 years now (Been roleplayin’ for 20, hurt myself a bit realizing how long it’s been). Started out with 5e, but I mostly run ffg Star Wars now.
Brand spankin’ new to PF2e, got a single one-shot under my belt. I’ve been playin’ through Wrath of the Righteous, so that’s given me a bit of lore surroundin’ Golarion.

I’m big on roleplayin, but I enjoy some combat too. Not a fan of min-maxing. I also tend to be the rules guy in every group (In the helpful way, not the pedantic)

I show up on time and give advance notice if I can’t. I play based on what my character would do, not what’s optimal. I’ll engage with the story and shut up when it’s someone else’s time for the spotlight.

Edit: Forgot to ask about you.
How do you prefer to run things?
What kinda game are you looking for?
What do you want from your players?

Hi there, I’ve been playing ttrpgs for 9 years now, and I just started gming, and started with pf2e actually! I’m a huge nerd for roleplay and good storytelling, but I enjoy a fun combat session just as much as the next guy, that is to say so long as it’s not boiled down to just the math aspect I like it a lot.
As far as what I bring to the game… well I have a positive attitude, I get really into character, I build characters who are both people as well as balanced, rather than going full min maxer or poorly done epic backstory guy, or that rogue who steals from the party. I’m often one of those players who knows how to move sessions along when the party starts to meander, or I’ll be the one to slow the party down if we’re about to rush headlong into something we should not. I’m also the type of person to say, bring about some unique uh, happenings at the game table, like capturing an undead beholder, or talking my way out of a murderers den and getting the party some valuable information on who one of the big bads of the campaign is.

Servus. I’m pretty new to TTRPGs but am loving it. I’ve been trying to get a campaign going but life always got in the way. I enjoy both, the roleplaying and combat aspects but am still somewhat unclear on some rules.

Hi, I’m Casey would be very interested depending on the day. I’ve been playing rpgs for nearly twenty years but I am new to Patfhinder 2e. I like to play schemers and talkers but like a good even mix of combat and RP. I’ve been perma-GM for the last five years or so, so I’m really looking forward to developing a single character broader and deeper than I get to as a DM. As for what I bring? Well, I don’t like to toot my own horn. So I won’t. :wink:

Sounds cool!
I’m Christof from Germany and a big fan of PF2 from the start. Just finished running Strange Aeons in PF2 and currently running The Fall of Plaguestone.
I have been looking for a new PF2 campaign to partake in as a player for a while now to try one of my weird character ideas and an intrigue heavy campaign sounds, well, intriguing (sorry).

I am a player that likes to play by the rules - even if it is bad for his character - and I really like involved roleplay.
As for my general experience, I’ve been playing other TTRPGs for 6 or 7 years, really kicked off during lockdown when I started to GM on a regular basis, PF1 at first and then PF2.

If you have more questions, shoot!

Howdy hey. My name’s Danny and I’ve been playing TTRPGs since I was a kid. My uncle got me hooked on D&D 3.5 when I was a kid and since then Pathfinder has been my go to game. I’ve only played one AP in second edition, but I feel I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the rules. I love a good mix of interpersonal RP with others players and NPCs along with engaging combats and encounters. I like having to think through things instead of just applying brute force, but whatever gets the job done. I bring a lot of energy to the table and try to open up other players to things they usually wouldn’t think about in game, or have never really experienced.

Hey there! my name is Seth. I saw your listing and I’m interested in joining! I’m 26/m in EST timezone. I’ve played 5e for about 4 years and looking to try something new. In my D&D time, I’ve played every class but gravitate towards either Rangers, clerics, or warlocks based on their versatility. In character creation, I always want to make a helpful character, even if it isn’t viewable on the surface level. If you have any more questions for me please let me know! Thank you for your time and consideration.

I am pretty easy in terms of rules, as long as it serves the story.

I prefer serious with moments of humor.

I ask players to put effort into their characters, and not just treat them like sets of numbers.

I am finally getting the game going (COVID knocked me down for a bit). If you are still interested, let me knw.