[PF2e][FoundryVTT][Sat, Sun, Thurs slots available] Choose Your Adventure! Veteran DM

Salutations! For three decades, I have run adventures in AD&D, Pathfinder, D&Dth and now Pathfinder 2.0 with its snazzy three-action combat system! Now, I’m looking for new players to join either my Saturday homebrew game group or one of my other games where the first few players to join actually get to choose which campaign I run!

Game: Pathfinder 2.0

GM Experience: 30 Years, multiple systems and campaign types. Official state judge for organized play.

Player Experience: Beginner. Please spend some time reading the rules and character creation. However, there’s no substitute for experience. I will guide you through character creation and combat during session zero, one-on-one and/or at the table. We’re a patient group.

Tools: Discord, FoundryVTT (Free for players, web-based interface)

Requirements: We will connect using Foundry VTT, and players can check the demo available on their website to ensure compatibility. All dice rolling and character sheets will be provided via the software. Rules are available free online. For voice chat, we will use Discord. Please ensure you have a quality microphone, and will be in an environment free of background noise for the enjoyment of all.

Games and Their Times (All times Eastern. Games usually stop +/- 15 minutes of the listed end times.

The Darkest Day

  • Saturdays 2pm - 5.45pm

Choose Your Adventure

  • Saturdays 7pm - 10.45pm
  • Sundays 11am - 2.45pm
  • Thursdays, 7pm - 10.45pm

The Darkest Day takes place in a mysterious land not found on any map, where the races of man, elves, and dwarves live together in uneasy peace. It was not always that way. Hundreds of years ago, a great war wrought with magic took countless lives and left the land scarred to this day. Now, the governments control magic with an iron fist, quickly punishing any who practices it without proper authorization. Yet, something is starting to go wrong. Creatures never-before-seen threaten citizens, near a time when ancient texts warn of a disaster that makes the ancient wars look pale by comparison. When the daughter of an archmage reaches out to a party of adventurers to help figure out the cause of these attacks, how can they say no? Yet, there’s more than meets the eye, and if they aren’t careful, they may not be able to stop what the prophecies refer to as The Darkest Day.

This campaign has been running for a handful of weeks and is leaving its prologue soon, making a great jumping on point - You will start at 3rd or 4th level and get in on the beginning of the real adventure!

In Choose Your Adventure, you get to choose which adventure I run for you and your friends (or the group of new friends!). From 5e adventures such as Curse of Strahd, to Paizo’s exhaustive list of 1e and 2e adventures such as Kingmaker, or even my homebrew, The Darkest Day, players will get to choose which adventure we play! Because, after all, RPGs are about choice, and deciding which adventure to go on is the largest choice of all!

Signups for these games can be found here!

The Darkest Day

Choose Your PF2e Adventure

You can reach out to me with any questions on Discord (JCServant#9884) or email jcservant316 at gmail dot com.

Yours in Adventuring, Phil aka JCServant

The Satuday games I posted above are no longer available. However, I do now have a 5pm EST Wrath of the Righteous game available in its place. Find out more at Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Wrath Of The Righteous - Pathfinder 2e Conversion [Sat]