[PF2e] Abomination Vaults, Wednesdays @7am EST [PAID] [Online] [22$AUD]

This full campaign runs from level 1 to level 10!

Abomination Vaults is the first released ‘megadungeon’ for PF2e. The party engages in an old-school dungeon crawl, returning back to the safety of town as often as they can, clearing sector by sector and dealing with the weird politics of the underground factions that call the dungeon home. Back in town, the people of Otari have their own thoughts, opinions, and agendas, and players can push to make relationships with those they find most interesting or most useful to their own designs.

The Gauntlight, the strange inland lighthouse that towers over the fetid swamps in the Southwest of Korthos Isle (upon which the City of Cities, Absalom, rests) has been flickering. In her divinations, Wrin Sivinxi - the Elven Tiefling stargazer - has seen a great danger rising from the long destroyed dungeon. She gathers her most competent allies, you the adventuring party, to explore the ruined lighthouse and discover what it is that’s going on. If darkness is rising, the small logging town of Otari may be in gravest danger!

Tone: Serious games with deadly combat. Roleplaying is highly encouraged, and you will be prompted for in-character responses to events.

Character creation: Standard Chargen for PF2e, plus Greater Ancestral Paragon; Characters will be given an additional Ancestry Feat Slot for a 5th level feat at 1st level, a 9th level feat at 5th level, etc. Uncommon characters (based on the Player’s Guide) may give up their first bonus feat, rare characters may also lose their second.

Hello Everyone! As a 30-year GM with system mastery of PF2 I can offer a narratively rich experience for 4-5 hours a session. I am happy to teach new players the elegant simplicity of Pathfinder 2, and I am always available for help and questions.

Discord: CopaKindred#0557

This game is run with F.C. Gaming, an interdependent GM partnership dedicated to bringing you high quality games and emphasizing the service of skilled moderating. GM Jacob has been running RPGs for more than thirty years, and I look forward to providing gaming experience for your gaming dollar.

This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of 22$/Session paid through Paypal, 72hrs in advance of game time, but other arrangements can be made! No refunds will be given for less than 24hrs notice if you miss a game. Session 0/1 is always free.