PF2e 4.8.6 anytime soon?

I have noticed that my pf2e version has been stuck in 4.6.6 for a couple months now. I keep checking the bazaar for an update, and there nothing so far. When will the pf2e system be updated for forge vtt?

The Forge has all updates available. We will not however give you the option to update to a version that is incompatible with your Foundry VTT, because then the world would not launch. If you are on Foundry v9 for example (or if you’ve set your Foundry version in your Game Configuration page to 10.288 for example instead of the latest 10.291), then you’ll only be able to update your systems and modules to versions that are compatible with v9 (or 10.288 in the previous example).
The pf2e system however will show everyone whenever an update is released, regardless of whether it’s compatible with their Foundry version.