[PF22][Paid] Abomination Vaults Saturdays 8:00PM EST $20/Session

Not too far from the peaceful seaside town of Otari is Gauntlight, a keep in which long ago housed the evil sorceress Belcorra Haruvex. The very same place would later be her tomb as the Roseguard brought and end to her life. Unfortunately, they did suffer casualties, as Otari Ilvashti never returned. The Roseguard named the town they settled in after their friend.

Recently evil things have started to stir in the ruins now. It’s time for a new group of adventurers to rise to the challenge and explore the abomination vaults megadungeon. Will you rise to the challgen?

Hey everyone, I’m hosting a PF2e abomination Vaults games Saturdays at 8:00PM EST on the forge. The game will be using free archetype, ancestry paragon, and allows Battlezoo content. To join the game please go to Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Will you Survive the Abomination Vaults Megadungeon?. Games are $20/Session.