[PF2][Paid][6pm GMT] Abomination Vaults - dungeon crawling fun!

A strange light has appeared in the lighthouse above the ancient ruins of Gauntlight Keep. Below the ruins lies a sprawling dungeon inhabited by strange monsters, crafty villains, valuable treasures, and arcane secrets. There is surely some malign purpose behind the sudden lighting of the beacon, and it is up to a rag tag band of brave adventureres to investigate! Good luck!

The Game
Abomination Vaults is a mega-dungeon style module that will take characters from 1st to 10th level. The game is mostly focussed on exploring the dungeon, fighting he monsters within, and ultimately reaching the bottom and bringing an end to the evil found there.

About Me
I am a highly experienced, professional Game Master. I have been running RPGs of various sorts for nearly 20 years and I have been doing it professionally for 4 years. I have run many many campaigns through to completion! My style focusses on atmosphere, player driven decisions, and challenging encounters.

My sessions are run using foundry and discord.
Sessions are around 3 hours long.
This game will be run weekly on Tuesdays, 6pm GMT / 1pm EST

The price for this game is £15 per person per session, preferably paid via PayPal.

Get In Touch
If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please don’t hesitate to reply here or DM me.