PF 2E paid game (20$): Academy of adventurers

About the adventure

The world needs heroes, and where there is a need, there is a market. And so, a Party of Great Heroes decided to found The Academy, an institution dedicated to forming the best and brightest into epic heroes. And then send those heroes to any place they are needed (for a modest fee). The training in The Academy is comprehensive: Magic, Combat, Infiltration, Knowledge of monsters, Politics, History, Science, Steampunk Engineering, Survival, Planar Geography, etc. All the skills that an aspiring hero would need can be learned at The Academy, through a combination of theoretical classes and brutal practical exercises.

Students live at The Academy, where every day they face intense training and brutal tests, but they are also young teens, so in the free time that they have, they search for ways to have fun: Rogues throw Parties in the Underdark, Druids strive to cultivate the perfect weed, Wizards summon demons in the night to take revenge on Barbarian bullies, a dwarf and an elf gather in secret to share their forbidden love, etc.

You have been selected to train at The Academy, your life is about to get crazy. The game will follow the adventures of a party of students as they complete The Academy┬┤s five years course. Each semester will correspond with and increase in level, and after graduation, the adventure can continue as the characters begin their work as professional adventurers.