Perfect Vision module not working on The Forge

Perfect Vision module stopped working on The Forge. Dont’t know if this is a server side issue or not. Anyway, posting this here too. Module works fine with the same world and active modules on local Foundry, but no on The Forge.


Did you get any resolution on this?

I just started using the Forge for hosting and I noticed that the lighting/vision doesn’t work correctly. However, my local installation is fine.

I’m not quite sure how to fix this issue.
It seems one of the scripts are not able to run properly. Is the version compatible with your foundry version?

That was a temporary issue with the assets library that happened in August. Can you elaborate on “the lighting/vision doesn’t work correctly” ? Is it specifically about the perfect-vision module or just in Foundry in general? Did you try to see if a module could be interfering? Did you compare the version of Foundry and of your modules with your local installation, etc…?

It took me some time to troubleshoot this, but it is definitely the Forge-hosted Perfect Vision module causing my issue. PerfectVisionIssue
I have the identical settings configured for all of my scenes in my Forge-hosted Foundry instance and my home instance (see image).
In my Forge instance, my GM view is in greyscale in areas without a light source, no color.
In my home instance, my GM view is in full color, the entire scene with or without a light source.

Are you running the exact same version of Foundry, the game system and the module, on local and on the Forge?
Did you try to import your local world to perhaps see if there are some other settings somewhere else that would have affected it, so you can be sure you’re testing the exact same world with the same settings ?
I haven’t heard of anything of the sort, but maybe @Kevin has.