PDFoundry how do I set it up to work with Forge

I’m using the GURPS system for my world and the world allows us to link to specific locations with rules reference as long as I have the PDF’s available. I legally own the PDF’s but can’t figure out how to get the module to work.

  1. Where would I have to put the documents? IE. on Forge, in a specific folder (can I link to google drive or some other method)?
  2. If I have to put them on Forge how do I put the files in the folder. I tried but was unable to upload a PDF.
  3. How do I identify the PDF’s so the module knows where to look for them?

PDF’s you upload through the Import wizard. Then you use the normal pathway.

You can’t link google drive files as they don’t work with Forge.

There’s a video on YouTube for the best way to create and use the PDF files. Your search terms should be “Foundry PDFoundry”.

thank you I will try to hunt up that video

Hi thanks for all the help. I never did find a video (the only one was using PDFoundry to make rollable characters)

So this is what I did.

  1. Go to my assets create a folder to put stuff in (probably not necessary but I wanted to organize them) it also allows subfolders.
  2. Upload individually the original pdfs into the folder you want to use.
  3. Make sure you have the pdf foundry module activated in your world
  4. Go to journal entries
  5. Select create pdf on the bottom it opens up a window
  6. Link the created file to the pdf you uploaded. If you plan to use an abbreviation link add that in set the page offset.
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Okay, so I can no longer find the PDFoundry entry. Sorry, but it’s no longer there.

For part 1-2, I would highly recommend uploading a folder from your PC through the Import Wizard, it will speed things up if you have 4+ pdfs to upload, at it organizes everything for you.

But thank you for the step guide! Well done! :heart:

Hi Kevin,

I tried to upload a folder a dozen times but every time I tried it simply wouldn’t let me select a folder only a file to upload.
So absolutely try doing a folder but if it won’t let you go that way use part 1 and 2 instructions and its time consuming but it does work. Maybe my computer was just being squirrely that week.

Best and thanks for reviewing it to make sure I didn’t miss something and for all the suggestions to try different things.

Indeed, the Asset upload doesn’t allow folders, but the import wizard does.
The process would be through the wizard instead of the using the upload on the assets page ^^

Hello. I am new to Foundry. I am setting up a campaign. Using the above steps (TYVM, btw) I was able to upload some of my PDFs, but some return the error of the file too large. Any suggestions? I will be searching the web myself, also.

We have size limits upon uploads per tier, it might be bigger than your current upload limit (50MB at lowest tier)

Thank you. I missed that bit of info initially. It appears that I would need to upgrade from my Game Master tier to increase that.

Is this the video that you’re looking for?

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Ooh, nice catch. That is very similar to the original, but I love that the mistake was put into this video; it was an excellent example of trouble-shooting.

Thank you for sharing that with us.