PC sheet changed into NPC

I was playing normally in the server with my players, then suddenly one of my players sheets changed into a perfect copy of the NPC wich used “cure wounds”. The sheet was totally gone, he became a perfect copy of himself (with the NPC name-token tho, not his).
Strange thing, yesterday when i was playing as player another campain, in another server (also he does have a subscription here) a similar thing happened to another player.
I tried tons of times to replicate the bug, with no result. Used the same map, same chars, same accounts (i logged into his), nothing. I literally have no idea how and why happened. Good thing this was session 2, and replicate a PCsheet is not that hard. (and i’ve learned that having copies of all chars, might be a good idea)
Don’t know if this might help others or if its a known bug. I was playing in a private server, with foundry 11 308 installed (wich was the last one 2 days ago)

Hey there :wave:

This is some pretty strange and specific behaviour. This would require directly interacting with the game data in a very specific way, which likely isn’t done by the Foundry server automatically but which might be done by the game system code that you’re running (eg. dnd5e or pf2e), a module, or a macro (eg. an item macro on one of the abilities of the player), or a player with write permissions.

It sounds like there might be a macro or a module in play which is updating the actor, or overwriting the actor data with that of another actor.

It’s a long shot but you might be able to see something indicating why this happened in the Foundry logs.

Barring that, it’s going to be quite tricky to figure out what is happening. I’d definitely recommend asking on the Foundry Discord or reporting it in the channel specific to your game system there, in case anyone else has encountered that.

Thank you, i’ll look for some info there, hoping this is not going to happen again