PC character sheets not opening; Tidy Sheet module not even showing as existing!

What the heck is going on? I launched my world today and none of the player character sheets would open. Even worse, Tidy Sheet 5e is now completely gone as a module. I don’t mean it is turned off, I mean the module itself is gone. I unchecked the various character sheet mods and then upon refresh, 100% of my modules turn off. I have replicated this twice.

The only way to get Player character sheets to work is to turn all sheet modules off (then reapply all of my normal modules). The issue is that now all of the DDB update functions are missing, because only the default Foundry character sheet is operational.

VERSION: I am up to date on the latest stable Foundry build for v10. (patch 6, build 291). I also am using D&D 5e version 2.03 because the latest version caused all kinds of hell, and I am concerned about re-updating it again until I am confident it is stable with the most common modules.

Anyone else have these problems? If so, did you figure out what is causing it? THANK YOU.

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Tidy Sheet 5e is now completely gone as a module

This is likely because the version of tidy5e-sheet that you have installed requires a version of dnd5e that you don’t have installed. For example, tidy5e-sheet version 0.8.16 requires dnd5e version 2.1.2. In you’re on a lower system version, Foundry will not make the module available.

You can install a previous version of tidy5e-sheet from the Bazaar here.

If your character sheets aren’t opening at all and it’s not module related, it might be due to non-backwards compatible changes that dnd5e version 2.1.x makes during the one-way migration. I recommend you check in your dev tools console (F12) and post a screenshot of any red errors you see there when trying to open the sheet to see how bad it is.

If it is due to non-backwards compatibility after migration, I think that the right thing to do here would be to restore a backup from before dnd5e version 2.1.x and keep going from there, or alternatively to move up all the way to 2.1.4, even if module compatibility is not 100% yet.

I updated the D&D system and Tidy Sheet is back! I have an entirely different problem to solve, but that is for another thread. THANK YOU.

Happy to help and glad to hear it’s back :smile:
Hopefully the other problem has an easy solution!

may I know the problem u are facing with the new 2.1.2 version now
I want to upgrade but i am worried my modules will stop working

The problem with Foundry, is that they are constantly changing the software, and each version has an impact on performance, often rather severe impact. Tonight (Friday night) NOTHING was working. Lag was terrible, character sheets weren’t opening, or even when they did, features were failing over and over again. I have zero problems all week long when I am preparing for the campaign, but then on game night, everything goes to hell technology-wise. It can be so frustrating.

Therefore, I would say update to 2.1.2 and just take a nudge away the modules that aren’t compatible.