Patreon Integration for Bazaar Creators

This article is part of a series of guides intended to help Bazaar Creators. Further self-help articles can be found here.

If you are not a Bazaar Creator selling content on The Forge, and are looking for help, you can find information here.

About Patreon Integration

The Forge offers Patreon integration through its Bazaar Marketplace service. With this integration, creators can offer content they sell on the marketplace to their Patreon subscribers, at a tier or contribution level of the creator’s choice. By doing this, creators can sell their content on the largest marketplace for Foundry VTT, and offer Patreon support for Forge-hosted Foundry VTT users.

We explain how to set it up below.


Linking Patreon accounts

Before setting up Patreon integration per package, creators will need to link their Patreon account. This can be done by navigating to the Patreon tab under the Forge account page. Once this is linked, creators can begin designating packages available under Patreon integration

Package Setup

Setting up Patreon integration from here is simple, though initial setup can be time consuming. This process will need to be repeated for each and every package that you wish to offer under The Bazaar’s Patreon integration.

  1. Navigate to the creator package page- where pricing and other package details are set up. Individual packages can be sorted for and searched through here.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Patreon integration section of the package. An example is picture below:
  3. Select the Patreon tiers you wish to have access to the package. In addition, you can set a minimum lifetime contribution required to access the package, to help reduce “hit and run” subscribers, as well as reward long-time Patreon subscribers. The minimum lifetime contribution currency is the same as your Patreon’s default currency.
  4. Save the changes to the package, after making the required edits. You will receive a warning about how this will affect your monthly billing fee for The Bazaar’s Patreon integration (explained in the next section).
  5. After confirming these fees are acceptable, select “OK” on the popup billing dialogue. This content will now be available to Patreon subscribers who are subscribed at a sufficient tier and/or minimum lifetime contribution.


Patreon integration billing on The Bazaar is simple. When you first setup a package for Patreon integration, you will automatically be billed for 5 integration slots a month, for $5 in total. You can continue to add package without additional cost, until you exceed 5 integration slots. If you add a sixth or more, you will be billed for another five slots, at the same $5 price.

The amount of users who install and use Patreon content on The Forge does not impact this pricing. If 10, or 100, or 1,000 users utilize the integration, the pricing will remain the same. For instance, if you have 1000 users accessing 9 Bazaar packages through Patreon integration, you will still only be billed $10.

Integration slots can be removed from existing packages, and be assigned to new ones. However, once you have been billed for a set of integration slots, you will be billed even if you reduce the amount of slots to the previous set. In other words, if you use six integration slots, but then reduce the amount used in the middle of the month to four slots, you will still be billed $10 for that month. After each month’s charge, this billing will reset your current integration slots.


Creators who opt into our Patreon integration will be billed on the monthly anniversary of their opt-in. For example, opting into Patreon integration on the 2nd of March will result in an invoice charge on the 2nd of April, and then the 2nd of every month going forward.

For creators who opt into Patreon integration on the 31st of the month, billing will be adjusted to the next ending date of the month, continuing until the date of renewal has been adjusted to the 28th (in February).

Creators will receive an invoice from Stripe (even if they pay through PayPal), and the payment method will default to the creator’s provided payment details, or failing that, their provided payout details. A link to the invoice will be available on the account page for the creator account.

User Impact

There are a few things to consider when offering a package through The Bazaar’s Patreon integration.

Subscription Level

Forge users must have a Story Teller subscription or higher to receive the benefits of Patreon integration on The Bazaar.

Ongoing Patreon Access

Users who receive access to a package through Patreon integration on The Bazaar will continue to receive access to the package for as long as it’s enabled/installed, even if they unsubscribe/become ineligible to receive the package through Patreon integration in the future.

However, they will not receive any future updates to a package until/unless they resubscribe at the required level.


Content traditionally purchased (as a one-time purchase) through The Bazaar Marketplace can be freely downloaded by users. Packages obtained through Patreon integration cannot be downloaded to a user’s personal device, unless they also purchase the package in question.

Marketplace Access

We ask that creators who offer their content via Patreon access on The Bazaar continue to make a good-faith effort to sell the content traditionally as well. By this, we mean continuing to sell the content at a reasonable one-time price, and avoid other practices that would dissuade non-Patreon users away from purchasing content entirely.