Pathfinder: Kingmaker (LFP) (Paid: 20$)

You have been tasked to go into the wilderness of the Stolen Lands, and try to tame them. Now its your chance to create a name for yourself, to make a lasting mark on the world, to become a noble, and someday, even forge a great kingdom that will stand forever as testament to your bravery and cunning.

Between you and that dream stands bandits, monsters, savage beasts, local tribes, and deep secrets of the land.
Choose to meet them with sword, diplomacy, magic or any other way that you choose.

Create a kingdom at your own image, rule with honor, cunning or fear.
o what it takes to grow into this inhospitable lands. Form alliances, recruit companions, you can even hire adventurers like you used to be to take care of those troubles that are beneath your atention.
But be ready to take arms and venture into the wilds if you want to prosper. For the Stolen Lands have refuse many who have tried to conquer them before.