[Pathfinder 2e] [Fate Core] [P2P] [Wednesday-Fridays]Looking For Players for Pay-to-play Campaign(s)

Hey everybody. I am a Professional GM on Start playing who took a long hiatus from the professional end of the hobby do to real life situations. I wanna dip my toes back into the professional space With the knowledge ive learned and the skills ive acquired in my more Casual Games.

Currently I offer 2 different fantasy adjacent games/setting in a Pathfinder 2e game and a Fate Core Game. The former is HEAVILY inspired by Curse of Strahd with a more open questing system/ability to interact with a gothic themed world. The later is a FAR more open ended epic fantasy adventure where you will hop from world to world, offering alliances or putting down evil, VERY heavily Inspired by Stargate and Remnant Series.
All Games will be 15 dollars a pop per person. I request at least a 3 hour heads up if unable to make a session AND if too many people are missing i am not against to skipping a session OR offering a free session to allow players to have fun but do personal stuff.

I have been a ttrpg enthusiast for most of my adult life but recently I rediscovered a love and passion for running the games. If your interested PLEASE follow the links above (provided soon, games are pedning on Start Playing) or message me here. If you want a deeper take onto what I provide…weeeeeelllll

I will provide a Forge/Foundry vtt space to run our games with a handful of mods to the game to help us run a comfy and intuitive session.

I will provide any needed materials for reading or understanding including maps and publication resources (usually pdf).

My style of GMing is a bit different as I use a book called the GM Emulator 2nd edition. It’s NOT an AI system, its a rule set to help inspire and create a game where as the GM I do guide and construct the narrative for your benefits, including backstory or more personal character moments, BUT it also allows for more on the fly additions from myself AND most importantly, you. YOU the players will often have the ability, but not the responsibility, to create the npcs and adventure hooks your character would want to interact with.

As the GM I will flesh out these things over time, and keep track of our shared worlds creations. The point of my games is not to just plop you into a world, crafted with rigidity and hard rules, but to allow you the players to partake in adding or subtracting what makes your world different. There will always be a ground level to work off of, always a base flooring to any aspects of the story, but, there will be opportunity for you to make your experience all that more fun, just off a off hand joke…and the roll of the dice of fate.