Pathfinder 2E - Character Sheet Skill Actions module

Hey guys, wondering if anyone has experience with this module on Forge-Foundry?

Installing it on the desktop client for Foundry works perfectly, but when running foundry via forge the module just doesn’t work for some reason.

@kakaroto is this another instance of going improperly outside of the Modules’ sandbox?

Found something potentially, which version do you have installed? 0.3.1 or 1.2.0? It appears that The Bazaar on Forge picked them up as separate, 1.2.0 seems to be the correct one.

I actually discovered this at almost the same time haha. Thank you for looking into it to help!

Very good!

@kakaroto Should the old 0.3.1 extra version be kicked out of The Bazaar here?

Thanks. I’ve marked the older one as hidden.
Looks like the dev changed the module ID from “sheet-skill-actions” into “pf2-sheet-skill-actions” which of course causes that. I heard that in v10, they’re going to impose the module use an “id” field instead of the “name” field because it caused confusion to devs, as most don’t realize the name is a unique ID that should never change.