[Patfhinder2e][Professional DM][Premium] Season of Ghosts - Latest adventure Path

[Platform]: FoundryVTT / Discord for voice chat
[Requirements]: Mic, Forge-vtt account, Startplaying account.
The heroes awaken disoriented and alone in a forest clearing after taking part in a traditional festival on the last day of Spring. They soon discover their hometown of Willowshore has been invaded by monsters and has fallen under a sinister spell. Yet defeating the monsters is only the first step in discovering the frightening nature of a supernatural curse that has gripped the land, and as the days of a summer plagued with rain trudge on, the grim reality facing the people of Willowshore will need true heroes to confront!

Costs: Free session 0, we can have a short talk to know each other and know if the game is for you! After that, $19.99 usd per session via Startplaying

CST / GMT -5
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