Password for Gamemaster

I created a world but the only player in the dropdown is Gamemaster. I don’t know what do use for the password. Inside of Forge, I go to configure for the world and configure players. I see my username listed there “Loren” and the account is marked as a Game Master but that name is not listed in the actual game dropdown.

Hoping this all makes sense and someone can help me figure it out. Thanks!

If you have Player Manager enabled, it should automatically log you in to the Server as you.

If it isn’t, we might have an issue and I would love to hear your process.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the player manager enabled, you can log in as the Game Master user → Settings → Manage players → add the users you want.

I am a Game Master tier so I can’t enable Game Management and you have to enable Game Management in order to use Automatic User Management. Something is a miss but I can’t seem to achieve what’s needed.

The issue is that I don’t have the password to log in as Gamemaster to the game itself.

On a new world, there is no password for the Gamemaster account.

I suppose you could just edit your world from Foundry setup and try the reset access keys checkbox - it is supposed to remove all passwords from users. But it should already be empty…

Yup, no password got me in. Damn! :slight_smile:

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