Paizo/Foundry license and hosting PF2e for another player

We have a group which recently started using Foundry for a new game instead of another VTT, and the GM runs their own instance. I’m looking at using Forge to run the instance for him so it’s not using his local machine, always on, other reasons. If I add my Foundry license, it won’t have access to purchases from Paizo etc.

Is it possible to add his Foundry license instead but I pay for the Forge service, manage the game master and adding modules etc?

Hi dave,
Sorry for the late reply, your message slipped through the cracks unfortunately!

Technically speaking, you can add as many licenses to your account, but we do expect them all to be coming from the same Foundry account and owned by the same person, specifically due to the issue you mentioned and for ethical reasons.
If you have multiple licenses, the purchases for premium Foundry content will only be detected based on the first license you have in your account. If necessary, you can add their license, remove yours then re-add it, so that their license is the one at the top, and you’d be able to install their purchases on the account. Note though that if you had your own purchased content, they will stop working within Foundry, even if already installed.

I think the best/easiest solution in your situation would be to provide them with a gift card for their subscription. See FAQ article: How to gift a subscription on The Forge - Docs - The Forge

I’d also recommend you read this FAQ about account sharing and what it is that we deem acceptable as per our terms of service: Can I share my Forge Account? - Docs - The Forge

I hope that helps and answers all your questions. If there’s anything more you need, don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll be happy to respond.