[Paid][Pathfinder][EST][$15/Player][Campaign] Strength of Thousands

Campaign: Strength of Thousands

Date: Weekly sessions every Friday (First Session will be 5/27)

Time: 3:00pm EST

Platform: Foundry or Roll20 with Discord for Chat and notes

Duration: Sessions last 3-4 hours

Payment: $15 a session per player, payable via Venmo (If you don’t have access to Venmo, Paypal will be fine)

Are you still awaiting your acceptance letter from Hogwarts? Well wait no further! My name is Domenic and I’ve been a DM now for a little over 3 years now. I intend on beginning this Campaign next Friday May 27, at 3:00pm, assuming we have enough player’s to begin.

Why Pay-to-Play: Pay-to-Play ensures you and your fellow players have the experience you DESERVE. Pay-to-play ensures each player remains committed to playing and showing up to each session. Aside from this, you can expect each session be thoroughly planned and prepped, creating a memorable adventure for years to come! A lot of time and effort goes into each session alone, and I ensure you that by joining this campaign you have:
-Access to a dedicated Discord server where you can easily find lore, past session logs, and much more
-An adventure custom tailored to your characters background and accomplishments as the campaign progresses
-Hours of fun!

If you’re interested in joining let me know down bellow! And if you have any questions feel free and send me a message!