[Paid] [LFP] [5e] [Beginner Friendly] The Legendary Starting Adventure - Lost Mine of Phandelver!

Start Your Adventure - Embrace Your Destiny

Game System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Adventure: Lost Mine of Phandelver - With Homebrew Elements and Backstory Integration

Experience: Any! Recommended for new players!

Location/Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Schedule: Mondays, 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM - Official Session Zero Starts on January 1st, 2024!

Roles sought: Players (4 of 6 seats currently available)

Game style: A combination of the three main pillars of a spectacular adventure - roleplay, exploration, and combat using Foundry Virtual Tabletop for a fully immersive experience!

Payment: $10 per player, per session (weekly). Click the link on my name below for more information!

:star2: Embark on an Epic Adventure with DM Cam! :star2:

Greetings and Well Met Adventurer!

My name is DM Cam, and I would love to host an adventure for you! With a passion for the craft of Dungeon Mastery and bringing unforgettable experiences to those around the table, I aim to bring joy and a unique journey to you in the comfort of your home. Using a comprehensive and dedicated approach to the games I run, your time and attention will always be valued, and you are sure to have a blast while playing!

:question:Why Choose Me as a DM?

With over a decade of consistent weekly experience as a Dungeon Master, I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the experience I provide. Having run this module numerous times to different outcomes with multiple groups, I understand the ins and outs of the adventure, and can tailor it to your decisions, characters, backstories, and desires! My style of DMing includes the three main pillars of adventure - exploration, combat, and roleplaying. I enjoy all three immensely, and integrate them in substantive and creative ways to give you an unforgettable adventure!

:dragon: Why Make This Your Adventure?

:game_die: Experience Foundry Virtual Tabletop: Using this cutting-edge platform for a visually stunning and interactive gaming experience, you will have open resources and compendiums, and access to all the information you need at your fingertips!

:microphone: Dynamic NPC Voices: Immerse yourself in a world brought to life with unique and captivating character voices.

:earth_africa: Character Integration: Your hero’s story is woven deeply into the tapestry of the adventure, making every action impactful. Consequences - good or bad - are based around your decisions!

:musical_note: Ambient Soundscapes & Sound Effects: Feel the thrill of the quest with rich, atmospheric sounds enhancing every moment.

:boom: Visual Effects: Engage in battles and explore environments with vivid visual effects that bring the fantasy world to life.

:books: Comprehensive Tutorials: New to 5th Edition D&D or Foundry VTT? No worries! Get easy-to-follow tutorials for a fun and seamless gameplay experience.

:crossed_swords: Why This Module?

This adventure is a great starting point to wet your feet in the lands of Faerûn, and the setting of the Sword Coast. It ranges from level 1-5 normally, though depending on your actions and the outcomes of the story, may bring you up to level 6. The Lost Mine of Phandelver has everything you could look for in an adventure - action, exploration, intrigue, dialogue, and loot! If you have ever wanted to play D&D, but didn’t know where to start - it’s here! The adventure also serves as a great testing ground for you, without an intensive time commitment into the future. If you enjoy me as a DM, and want to continue onto another adventure, or expand on this one, we can look into doing so!

:alarm_clock: Stop Waiting for the Right Time and Place to Play!
Have you been questioning when, where, and how to play? You don’t need to worry about that anymore - it is here and now! I will provide everything you need to jump in and learn or expand your D&D knowledge and comfortability. Are you entirely new to Dungeons and Dragons, Foundry Virtual Tabletop, or roleplaying games in general? I’ve got your back!

Any discussions outside of official sessions are FREE! This includes Session Zero (a session dedicated to getting to know you as a person and player), character creation, and tutorials on the system and virtual tabletop. In addition, you can contact me anytime with questions, comments, or for input, and I will always respond with professional decorum.

:sparkles:A Special Offer:sparkles:: The first official session of the campaign on January 8th, 2024 is FREE! What do you have to lose in trying it out?

:milky_way: Ready to Forge Your Legend?

Spaces are limited, so sign up now to secure your spot in this grand tale! Go to my DM Profile in order to sign up or send me a message for more information! Let’s create unforgettable adventures together!

See you there Adventurer!