[PAID] [ENGLISH] (GMT+1] Survive the horrors of Drakkenheim! - Horror Survival Crawl

:city_sunrise: Survive the dangers of Drakkenheim
:crossed_swords:โ€‹ Fight the horrors that haunt the city
:spider:โ€‹ Take on the factions vying for power
:busts_in_silhouette: Hold tight to your humanity!

:crossed_swords: System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e

:calendar: Sundays at 5.30pm [GMT+1]

:scroll: โ€œSo you want to explore the city of Drakkenheim, eh?
Youโ€™re ready to carve your way into the ruins, slashing and burning everything that steps in front of you?
Listen to me kid: pack your backpack and go back! If youโ€™re not killed by horrible abominations, you will be corrupted by the Haze, mutated by the Delerium, or driven crazy by the sheer horror that fills this damned city!
Not to talk about the trouble youโ€™ll get yourself into with the factions.
Do yourself a favor and go home.โ€

Welcome to Drakkenheim, a character-driven campaign that will span from levels 1 to 13.
Using Emberwood Village as your base camp, you will mount expeditions into the dangerous ruins of the city, trying to go deeper and deeper in search of knowledge, treasure, and answers.
Different factions vie for power in the city, and itโ€™s up to you to choose your allies and survive your enemies. You will need to tread carefully. The Factions will be gunning for you and if youโ€™re not careful, youโ€™ll find yourself surrounded by enemies.
Allies are few and precious in the City of the Damned!

So come and test your mettle.
The fate of Drakkenheim is in your hands!

:memo: Aditional Details:

/ / โ€“ Immersive VTT experience, full art for npcs/locations, State-of-the-art Foundry world, thrilling and tension-filled choices, full automation, character-driven. โ€“ \ \

2 spots still open! The adventure is started already but we are still in the beginning and thereโ€™s plenty of room to join and become part of the group!

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