Fast pace combat, over-the-top action, dystopian city, bullets, more bullets, too many bullets.

■ Chrome up ■ Take a job ■ Watch your plans turn to shit ■ Fight for your life ■ Die ■ Chrome up again ■ Rinse and repeat

:crossed_swords: System: CY_BORG

:calendar: Sundays at 10pm [GMT+1]

:scroll: This city’s a glitched-out nightmare. The sky’s choked with smog, the streets are crawling with mutants, and the only law is the one you make for yourself. You’ll see things that’ll make you question your code.

We live in a cesspool of corruption but you’re a badass scvm, aren’t you? Take on the deadliest jobs, put your life on the line, and show them who’s boss! Earn your rep and your creds by being the baddest, meanest, and deadliest scvm out there!

– Enter the cyberpunk apocalypse and Watch It All Burn! –

:memo: Aditional Details:

/ / – Immersive VTT experience, full art for npcs/locations, State-of-the-art Foundry world, thrilling and tension-filled choices, fast paced and deadly action. – \ \

GM Reel (to see what to expect from my tables):

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