[paid][D&D 5e] The Black Feast: A wacky holiday one-shot [November 24]

$10 per seat. If you haven’t tried StartPlaying yet, you can get a referral from any of your friends who use the service and you’ll get $10 credit toward your first game. If you don’t have any friends who use the service, ask me and I’ll give you a referral.

Your favorite holiday is here: Gorgefest. You and everyone else in the kingdom will stuff yourselves into a stupor on roast meats, pies, and all manner of other delicacies. Then, after a night sleeping off this overindulgence, you’ll wake up early the next morning and rush down to the market to buy baubles you don’t need with gold coins you can’t really afford to spend. Even better, this year you’ve managed to wheedle an invitation to the great feast at the royal castle. Everyone in your party has had their robes and swordbelts let out a few inches in anticipation.

But some dark force seems determined to ruin everyone’s holiday fun. Some nefarious witch or wicked sorcerer has brought down evil magic upon all the kingdom’s most delicious foods. Possessed by evil spirits, meals now simply refuse to be eaten—squirming off forks, fleeing from tables, and even fighting back!

Who could have committed such a dastardly act? Who could have cast this hideous hex on the hams, this calamitous curse on the cranberries, this sinister spell on the sweetbreads?

I can’t tell you that, obviously. It would ruin the ending of the adventure.

The king and queen have called upon any adventurers brave enough to sally forth and put this injustice to rights before it is too late. This is your chance to make your name as heroes, for butter or wurst. Can you and your party put a fork in this flighty feast, or will you chicken out? Can you end this foul magic, or will the kingdom be condemned to dine on naught but bread and water . . . or worse, eat salad?

Two Black Friday sessions: 2023-11-24T19:30:00Z (book here) and 2023-11-25T00:00:00Z (book here). I may add Saturday and/or Sunday sessions as well if there is interest.

Book your seat now! Can’t wait to meet you.