[Paid] [CEST] [Sun 13:00 or Wed 19:00] Wildemount / Critical Role / Character focused Campaign / LGBTQIA+ & Beginner Friendly

Game: D&D 5e
Group type : Online
Experience : 8 Years Gming experience
Location/Timezone : CEST/CET (GMT +2) Europe
Schedule :
Sundays 13:00 CEST (11:00 GMT): Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Wildemount / Critical Role / Character focused Campaign / LGBTQIA+ & Beginner Friendly
Wednesdays 19:00 CEST (17:00 GMT): Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Wildemount / Critical Role / Character focused Campaign / LGBTQIA+ & Beginner Friendly
Roles sought : Minimum of 4 Players
Game style : Roleplay Heavy, Character Focused, varied Combat and encounter goals, Sandbox beginning.
Payment : Yes / 30$ per session

Campaign Description

You are an adventurer on the continent of Wildemount in Exandria. What led you to the adventuring Business? Was it experience? Money? The need to help others? The Glory? Or any other Reason?
You might have travelled the continent for a while now or just started your journey. You could have done many jobs before, or this might be your first one.
Whatever has led you to this, you find yourself near or in the Village of Alfield in the late winter of 836 P.D.
You will find yourself in the company of other strangers, and for one reason or another, you stick together, continuing to travel the lands of Wildemount.
What will you and your company experience be like? Will you be fighting evil monsters, hunting them for loot, embroiled in war and political intrigue, entangled with the underworld, fighting your nemesis, or even helping save the world?
Whatever it might be, whatever your choices will lead to, it will become a glorious tale to be told.

Campaign Details

The campaign will take place in Wildemount; you do not need any prior knowledge of this world or Critical Role. It is a heavy roleplay-focused campaign; expect to go without combat a few sessions in a row. I will refrain from random encounters for the sake of an encounter. Most encounters, especially combat ones, should befit the story being told and the current events. You won’t suddenly run into 6 Ankhegs in the middle of the street just because I rolled for it.

Character Creation

You can create your character before Session 0, during, or after. The character needs to be finished at least half a week before game time for me to prepare everything. You can bring a character to the table or create a new one. Party composition is unimportant as I adjust combat to the player character’s abilities

  • The usual Starting Level is 3
  • Multiclassing Allowed
  • Ability Scores: Point Buy
  • No Min-Maxed characters
  • Standard Starting Equipment
  • One Unique Feat based on your backstory

For character creation most official content is viable, some homebrew books, such as Kibbles compendium of Legends and Valda’s Spire of Secrets will also mostly be allowed.
Other Homebrew content will need to be discussed with me first.
I require of your character one or more Goals, Wishes, Fears & Secrets. This allows me to build the story being told and know what you want your character to become, learn from, or achieve.
Normal Feats won’t be used; we start with Point Buy for the ability scores, and for every ability score increase, you can only take the ability score increase.
Every character will gain a custom 1st level feat which befits your character backstory. Depending on the power level, these can also have penalties, or they can be modified from normal feats.
You will gain additional feats or modify your existing feats during the campaign during various story plots.