[PAID] [Campaign] [WarhammerFRP] Warhammer Fantasy: Defense of the Empire

Enemies find themselves within the borders of the Empire, your home. As Emperor Franz and the Supreme Patriarch Gelt fight Chaos in far-off lands, little force remains to effectively defend the borders against the dreaded Norscan Raiders to the north, the savage wagh of Grimgor Ironhide’s orcs to the south, or the incursion or Skaven ratment beneath our own towns and cities. But this is your home, and, be it by coin, the threat of imprisonment, or the honor that comes with being a hero, you are the last defense of the Empire.

Slots Available: 3
System Used: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition
Style: Heavy sandbox. Work together to defeat the enemies of the Empire. Voice chat, no webcams required
Session Time: 4 hours, with a 15 minute break halfway through session.
Schedule: Every other Sunday, session 0 on 2022-11-06T23:00:00Z
Cost: $22.00 per session
Requirements: You only require a Start Playing and Forge account! Books are provided! Message me with questions, or use the link below to sign up! Play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Online | Warhammer Fantasy: Defense of the Empire