[paid][5e][EU timezone] The ULTIMATE Curse of Strahd Experience! [3 seats left!]

:crossed_swords: Game System: DND 5e

:calendar: When do you play: Tuesdays at 8pm CET (Amsterdam time!)

About The Adventure

Under raging storm clouds, a lone figure stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. The vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stares down a sheer cliff at the village below. A cold, bitter wind spins dead leaves about him, billowing his cape in the darkness. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires, as Strahd narrows his eyes.

Far below, a party of adventurers has just entered his domain. Strahd’s face forms a twisted smile; he knew they were coming, and he knows why they have come. All according to his plan. Another lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind (or perhaps a lone wolf) fills the midnight air.

The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner… and you are invited.

The Curse of Strahd is perhaps the best story in D&D 5th Edition, and is one of my personal favourites to tell. At its core, the story brings a classic gothic-horror style adventure, with intruige and plot twists. Your choices matter, and you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat more than once as the tale unfolds.

My rendition of The Curse of Strahd is filled with even more content to complete the story, and make it something that you will not forget! In addition to the core Curse of Strahd story, you will find:

:wave: An intruiging, homebrewed intro into the Curse of Strahd!
:crystal_ball: Mystique & chance; ouija board and fortune cards that have effects even I as a DM will not know up front.
:gem: A captivating blended-in adventure about the powerful Gems of Barovia
:notebook: An interactive take on Strahd’s personal Diary (get sucked right in to the story… literally!)
:man_health_worker: The creepy doctor Yvar Dascalu, a homebrewed henchman and his… experiments.
:rose: A tempting underground organization with the gentleness of a rose.
:scream: Exciting encounters, side quests and plot twists that might change the course of the story!
:art: Beautiful maps, artwork, tokens, effects, music, and sound to bring the story to life!
:performing_arts: A Dungeon Master with a love for storytelling, voice acting, and special effects :wink:
:moneybag: The Session-0 completely free of charge!

This campaign is designed for players who have a bit of experience with D&D already. If this is your first foray into D&D I would highly recommend one of my (beginner) oneshots or adventures instead to get your bearings!

Want an idea of my style of DM’ing? Have a look at my Twitch show! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBDlGFR6_6A&t=165s

About Me

Hi! My name is Berry, and I love D&D! In my spare time I started making maps for the adventures I play, and with a few friends I started a D&D playthrough show on Twitch. Recently, I have made the step towards being a professional DM. This allows me to both advocate and share the best hobby there is. I really enjoy showing new players how much fun it is to play D&D, and I equally love diving into a campaign with a group of seasoned D&D veterans to see how far the proverbial rabbit hole goes.

When you play one of my oneshots or campaigns, you will get a unique experience. I make most (if not all) maps that I use myself, and every adventure is full of music, art and visuals, and effects to make the story come to life.
Your character matters in my adventures, and your character backstories will be tied to it where possible. I want you to experience not “an” adventure, but “YOUR” adventure!

Why play a paid game?

Have you ever played a campaign that ended before it ended? We’ve all been there… player no-shows, the DM not having had the time to prepare, and the game sort of stopping after a few sessions. It’s a shame, because if you prepare for an adventure, you also probably want to see it through.
In addition, there is an aspect of ‘you get what you pay for’. With a free game, it’s really up to the DM what the quality of the delivered game will be.
Do mind: free D&D games are a very viable alternative to paid games, but do pose a few drawbacks like this. If you however choose for a paid game, it usually provides a superior experience:

  • As a paid DM, I have the incentive to show up prepared and provide an outstanding gaming experience week after week.
  • Charging a small fee per person virtually eliminates postponed sessions and busted campaigns due to player no-shows.
  • People who are willing to pay a modest fee tend to approach the game with a more mature attitude, and typically don’t quit impulsively when something doesn’t go their way.
  • Material costs associated with playing in a high-quality game are included.
  • Access to all relevant sourcebooks is provided free of charge via my compendium sharing.
  • Everything I create with love and care is offered to you free of charge.

Beginners Welcome!

New players are welcome in my games, including those who are new to online play and those who have never played anywhere before. I am happy to provide you with extra assistance to help you settle in and learn our beloved game, including during character creation, in session, and between sessions. There is no extra charge for any extra help which you might need.
Do note that the Curse of Strahd is seen as a more intermediate campaign and, while you can definitely play this campaign as a new player, it can be a bit overwhelming. Nothing we cannot fix or help you cope with though, so if you’re willing to get into it and learn as you go, this campaign can be for you, as well!

Want to Join?

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A list of all adventures I have can be found on my website:
https://dmberry.games/my-oneshots For my Oneshots, or
https://dmberry.games/my-adventures for my Adventures!

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Only 2 seats left for tomorrow! :slight_smile:


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