[Paid 10€ a Session ][Online][FoundryVTT][Mutants and Masterminds 3e: The People of Tomorrow]

Hi, I’m Shektor and wish to become your GM in this homebrew game of MnM. If you like what you read, send me a message and I will talk at lenghts about the game and I will answer any questions you might have.


All happens in our world, so all the countries you know exist, the important people too and the events prior to the 20th century remains mostly the same. But things change in the 20th century, without spoiling much, in my world the 20th century saw the birth of the super heroes, the discovery of Mutants and the reveal of very old magic. You and 4 other players will be part of this world in 2023, you have lived in this world and are part of it. I created heroes and villains for A LOT of countries and once all players are found I will develop their heroes country of origin if I haven’t already done so. Remember you are the people of tomorrow and as such you will play and important role in the development of said world.

Feel of the game

My game deals with the fact how the world, the countries and it’s people would deal with super powered beings. What role would they play ? How would they be part of the every day society ? Will they act like super-stars ? Would they join the military or just be vigilantes trying to do the right thing ? So basically imagine if the boys and the old marvel comics had like a middle ground and tried to keep things more relatable and avoiding going too far in either direction. This setting is both familiar and imaginative enough to allow the players to immerse themselves into this world.


It will be played using Foundry. It allows to give my players an amazing spectacle, it being visual or auditory. On top of that a unofficial system has been released for foundryvtt made for MnM 3e, it is amazing and automates a lot of stuff. Also if you own Herolab Classic, you can import your characters with one click, also don’t worry I own it too and can add the characters myself, making the process way more streamlined.


I use a very good blend between the both, they are both important and support one an other. In my games combat is used to advance the plot, never to stall the players or just to weaken them before the big bad. Combat will challenge the players and force them to work togheter to overcome an Big Bad. It has to be said that I’m someone that likes to flesh out a world, for example I’ve writen 6000+ words on my worlds history (a small synopsis) and posted it on the Discord channel, which would show players how the world is, feels and what to expect. So yes I’m dedicated to what I do.


  • Be a decent human being
  • Have Headset or mic ( be audible )
  • Be 18+ (adult themes are present)
  • Have a pc capable of running Foundry ( basically something that ain’t 10 years old )
  • Stable internet connection

More infos

  • Date: The game will debut 5.08.23 at 6 PM GMT+2
  • Open Slots: Only 2 Spots Left
  • Platforms: Discord and FoundryVTT ( Foundryvtt is free for players )
  • PL: 8 is the start and goes to 15 max
  • Session 0: Free
  • Paid: 10€ per session via PayPal

Anymore questions about powers limitations, Story or others ? Don’t be shy and just send me a message and I will answer as best as I can, wish you all a nice day :slight_smile: