Outlaws of Alkenstar [Sundays][20USD][LGBT+ Friendly][PF2e][Beginners Welcome]

Sundays, 8pm BST/3pm EDT, weekly

Your reputation? In tatters. Your pockets? Empty. Your betrayer? Alive - for now.

On the run from the law, you’ve found solace in a tavern, among the dregs of Alkenstar city. The owner, though, has a job for you. Make the most of your outlaw status. Get rich. And more importantly, get revenge. And all you have to do? Rob a bank.

Outlaws of Alkenstar is a 1-11 official Paizo Adventure Path, complete with fancy Foundry modules, in which you must operate outside the law to clear your name, seek revenge, and, eventually, stop what amounts to a nuclear war. It is a high-speed, dramatic, and colourful adventure, which I have enjoyed running multiple times and would love to run again, this time for you!

No experience of tabletop gaming is required, and I am available to help with character concepts and creation.

All my games are :transgender_flag: :rainbow_flag::infinity: inclusive. Sessions are $20 US, payable through startplaying.games for both our safeties.

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