OSE advanced Fantasy issues

I bought the 30$ upgrade for OSE and loaded it into my main foundry with the code and I’m getting the install option here. I also upgraded that world only to version 11 the latest build.

I can’t seem to get the new module to install I get this message.

What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks


Now it won’t even load the world. I’m getting this error.

Hey there :wave:

The invalid manifest issue usually means that there is a validation issue with the manifest found at that location. This is likely an issue on the module’s side that they would need to fix, or with the URL that you were given to install it from manifest URL with.

It looks like the correct URL is https://github.com/vttred/Old-School-Essentials-Advanced-Fantasy-for-Foundry-VTT/releases/latest/download/module.json, and not https://github.com/vttred/Old-School-Essentials-Advanced-Fantasy-for-Foundry-VTT/releases/download/latest/module.json
(Note: releases/latest/download and not releases/download/latest)

The ECONNREFUSED error usually means that Foundry is busy migrating and isn’t responding to requests, if you leave it for 15mins it usually becomes responsive again. You can check out an article on that over here!

Hope this helps!