[Online][Thursdays][8am ET][Paid][Pathfinder2e] Season of Ghosts - Run by a Professional GM

Schedule: Weekly Sessions @ 8am Eastern Time Every Thursday.

Platform: Foundry/Discord.

Requirements: Mic/Browser Access.

Session Length: 4 Hours.

Payment: $25 per Session.

Something strange is happening to your hometown of Willowshore! Nestled on the banks of a river winding through the legendary Specterwood in Tian Xia’s haunted land of Shenmen, the people of Willowshore are no strangers to supernatural threat, but the danger that comes to town on the first day of summer is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Over the four seasons to come, you and your fellow home-grown heroes must face evil spirits, sinister fiends, and frightening curses, lest the town of Willowshore succumb to the Season of Ghosts!

A terrible curse descends upon the town of Willowshore! Located in haunted Shenmen in the heart of the sprawling continent of Tian Xia, this horror-themed campaign pits the heroes against supernatural threats and the harsh realities of facing an upcoming winter when all contact with the outside world has been cut off by a mysterious wall of fog. What fiendish menace might be behind the Willowshore Curse, and can it be stopped before everyone in town is lost? The Season of Ghosts Adventure Path is a four-part series of connected adventures that form a complete Pathfinder campaign for characters of 1st to 12th level.

The campaign is due to start next Thursday (the 7th of December), so make sure to get your requests in soon! Please either comment below or join my server (linked below) to register your interest in joining the campaign.

Discord Server Link