[Online] [pf2e] [Sundays 3 PM PST] [$20] [paid] Explore, Tame, Conquer! Kingmaker

What will your legacy be? A democracy that defends the meek? A wild land, one with nature? A fierce kingdom martialing armies of monsters? The Stolen Lands will be claimed. The only question is by who? In this adventure your party will rest control of the wilds from bandits and barbarians, neighboring nations, and the forces of other worlds. You will do this with your own hand at times and with the might of armies at others and will take your party from 1st level all the way to 20 in a campaign spanning years or even decades. Start a royal family and see your sons and daughters finish the campaign or survive long enough to become a living legend.

:crossed_swords: Game System:

:calendar: When do you play:
2023-10-22T22:00:00Z Weekly after we have 3 players

Explore the hex map of the massive Stolen Lands. Stand against many different threats and plots that weave together into an epic story of one groups struggle to create something that will stand the test of time. Will you make the right decisions. Will you let your morals compromise your safety or will you compromise your morals?

The game is primarily organized via discord when we are not at the virtual table. Link is included on the start playing page.

Explore, Tame, Conquer! Kingmaker