[Online] [Pathfinder] [2E] [Campaign] [Weekly Fridays] [2PM EDT] [$20] Kingmaker 2E

(18+, RP-focused, Foundry VTT, Premium Module, Variant Rules + Homebrew, Diversity Friendly)


:mantelpiece_clock: | Duration/Time: Weekly Fridays for ~4 hours, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Session 0/1 on October 20th

:computer: | Platform/System: Foundry VTT + Discord playing Pathfinder 2E using the Kingmaker Premium Module

:clipboard: | Requirements: Mic, Browser, Discord, StartPlaying Account, 18+ Years of Age

:scroll: | Summary: Journey to the tense land of Brevoy and eventually into the treacherous Stolen Lands with four fellow adventurers at your side and a cadre of loyal companions ready and willing to assist you! Brave dangerous untamed wilderness to do battle, play a pivotal role in founding a new nation, decide the outcome of a civil war, fight to defend your burgeoning land, and do battle with supernaturally powerful enemies seeking your destruction… and maybe even a secret villain unique to my version of the campaign? Read more about the adventure on StartPlaying! Play Pathfinder 2e Online | ⚔️ Kingmaker 2E 🏳️‍🌈 (18+, RP-focused, Foundry VTT, Premium Module, Variant Rules + Homebrew, Diversity Friendly)

:pen: | Style:

  • The story revolves around the PCs, the world reacts to your actions and your backstory matters.
  • Failure isn’t the end. My games are challenging both in and out of combat, but a bad roll won’t get in the way of a good story.
  • Inhabit your character in their day to day lives and little interactions.
  • Interact and grow your relationships with dynamic and talkative NPCs.
  • Rich homebrew-tailored game, providing a wholly unique experience including a remixed story that’ll keep surprising you even if you’ve played the AP before.
  • Diversity friendly.

:chair: | Seats: 2/5 Seats Open

:bookmark: | Variant Rules: Free Archetype, Gradual Attribute Boosts, Homebrew

:dollar: | Cost: $20 USD a session over StartPlaying. I offer a full refund out of pocket if you withdraw in your first 3 sessions (payable over Paypal or Zelle)