[Online] [Paid] [FoundryVTT] [18+] Grim Hollow: The Lady Of Sorrows [Paid: 12 € per Session]

Etharis is home to all manner of dark fantasy themes reminiscent of Gothic horror, gritty realism and a twist of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. From the forbidding howls of the Stillborn Forest to the dangerous schemes hatched in the city of Nov Ostoya, players will find conflict and story depth everywhere they look

Adventurer, I’m Shektor and I hope to become your DM in this Gothic Horror game. Grim hollow changes the 5e experience and makes it more unforgiving. You will struggle in and out of combat, your choices will shape the continent of Etharis and those choices will haunt you the rest of the campaign. If you love 5e, but want to experience a new world filled with opportunity, dangers, rewards and abominations, then you will certainly love Grim Hollow

What I offer you:

An interesting story that will provide you with challenging combat encounters, interesting NPCs and difficult choices. A blend between RP and combat, I do not prioritise one or the other, both have their importance in the game, they will be used to advance the story in a seamless manner.

Running the game on Foundry allows me to give you a hassle free and enjoyable experience. With the modules created by the community and Dev team, I can add animations and sounds to attacks, spells and transformations that would make any druid happy. It also offers a lot of automation, that allows the player to remain immersed in the action. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the Foundry capabilities, for more information send me a message and I will show you a demo

For more information : Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Grim Hollow : Lady Of Sorrows

Platforms: Discord and Foundry

Slots: 4 to 5

Age: 18+

System: 5e

Session Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Schedule: Weekly, Fridays 6 PM GMT+1 or Saturdays 1 PM GMT+1

Material: Material will be provided by me

Session 0: Is free

Payment: On the website or Paypal