[Online][PAID][Foundry VTT][Voice][5E][Campaign] 5th Age

:crossed_swords: Game System:
D&D 5E

:calendar: When do you play:
Once per week, 3 hours sessions each. Each campaign is run at the same time of the week.
Mondays 5pm PST
Tuesdays 11am PST
Tuesdays 5pm PST
Wednesdays 5pm PST
Fridays 5pm PST
Saturdays 11am PST
Saturdays 5pm PST
Sundays 11am PST
Sundays 5pm PST
Check schedule and availability here.

Read my introduction to find more about my DMing style
I am charging $17 per session, or $60 for four sessions in a month.

:memo: Additional Details:
We use Discord for voice, and Foundry.
Downtime activities are handled between sessions using Discord and the Avrae bot
Character building is done using D&D Beyond.

Discover the mystery of the 5th Age in campaigns that are all connected together