[Online] [Paid] [Daggerheart] [$25] [Beginner Friendly] [Inclusive] [Campaign] [Foundry VTT] [StartPlaying] Daggerheart Session zero for Extra Life Charity is Monday, April 15th 730 PM Eastern, we can discuss scheduling there! [LFM]

:crossed_swords: Daggerheart v1.3 Playtest Campaign!

:calendar: Session Zero is Monday April 15th, 730 PM Eastern Time. At session we can discuss if a schedule like that works, or if we want to move to a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday game and how frequently!

Hi, I’m GM Comfortable Grey and I love TTRPGs. I’ve already ran the Daggerheart session zero, and quickstart adventure, using my custom Foundry VTT world for Daggerheart. Now I’m hoping to share the experience with YOU!

Campaign outline is a session zero where we make characters together using the custom Foundry VTT world I created specifically for the Daggerheart system, which has no official VTT support. The latest version of the playtest was released, and my world is updated to match. This is your chance to have your finger on the pulse of real gameplay! At session zero we will discuss campaign schedule, wallow through the official adventure, and then a custom campaign for the table from there!

https://youtu.be/73i0ILemc00 A preview (including GM prep, skip the second half to avoid spoilers) of the Foundry VTT world I made.