[Online] [Paid] [D&D5e & Pathfinder 1e] [LBTQ+ Friendly] [New Players Welcome] [EST] Recruiting for Multiple Campaigns

Hello! My name is Naga, I am a GM with 8 years of experience with running tabletop games. I am experienced in running a large variety of settings, from high fantasy adventures where you are heroes on quests to save the world from evil, to a modern settings where you are ordinary people embroiled in intrigues, mysteries, and conflict in the shadows. My style depends on the game I run, but in general I greatly encourage RP and smart, tactical thinking in combat. I have ran three succesful multi-year games simultaneously and would like to do more in the coming years. New players are welcome, and as GM I have a lot of experience introducing new players to systems, and will do so for you to the best of my ability.

Currently I am to looking start several paid campaigns, 3 modules/Adventure Paths and one original settings. Discord will be use for Voice Chat, and Video is optional. Games will be run on Foundry VTT with Forge, or Roll20 if the group prefer. All time listed are in EST, but I work with all timezones and will reach more concrete time slot that works best for the group.

Storm King’s Thunder
Time: Mondays, start at 8-9 PM EST
System: D&D 5e
Level 1 to 10 campaign. You are one amongst many who found yourself in the Savage Frontiers of the Forgotten Realms, where the giants who shared the lands with lesser creatures have started gathering in drove and turning the lands upside down. Whether you call this land home, or just so happened to be here by some circumstance, you must defend yourself against the giants to survive, and perhaps even learn the reason for their gathering and pillaging.
Currently looking for 4 to 6 players for this game.

Tyranny of Dragons
Time: Tuesdays or Wednesdays, negotiable start time for mornings/midday, or 8-9 PM EST Tuesday
System: D&D 5e
Level 1 to 15 campaign. The evil Cult of the Dragons, who has long attempted to fulfill an ancient prophecy by means of creating undead dragons, has experienced a sudden shift. No more are their ploys to bind the corpses and skeletons of dragons for this, but what in its stead is all the more terrifying: Seeking to resurrect the ancient rule of the dragons, they act to free Tiamat, the Mother of Dragons, from her prison in depth of the Nine Hells. Her return to the Material Plane would spell death and destruction for many in the Sword Coast, and the greater Forgotten Realm as a whole! Rise to the challenge, and fight against the return of the Dragon Empire, lest it be the end of mankind.
Currently looking for 4 to 6 players for this game.

The Empire Infernal
Time: Fridays, negotiable start time (I am available to start anytime on Friday)
System: Pathfinder 1e
Original settings, long form campaign, more open and sandbox-y. Terralus, a world mundane, whose people known only of wars with each other, changed forever when, at the height of battle between the armies of two of its most powerful warlords, a tear into the world open. Through this tear, nightmares made manifest pours out, demons, devils, monsters of all shapes and sizes greet this world that has known little to no such with their screams of delight upon setting their sight on it, and what followed are the screams of despair from the unfortunate soldiery. That incident occurred 20 years ago, and the resulting destruction from the unleashing of such monstrosity into the world has reduced many a nations into ruins. Castles sundered, towns ravaged, the people killed, enslaved, and even worse fates awaits them. But since then, a strange and wondrous power also made itself known to the people: magic; magic manifested first among select few who managed to escape from the Slaughter of the Tear, as the incident came to be known, allowing for them to manipulate the elements, their environment, or more deviously, even each other. Magic has since spread out to more people, manifesting in the lowest of peasant or in the rich and sheltered at seemingly random. This power is viewed with fear from most, however, due to its alien existence and the coincidence of its manifestation along with the Tear. You are survivors from one of the three remaining powers in the Terralus, and the choice lies in you and yours as to whether you become something noteworthy in this ruined world, no matter how noble or reprehensible the method, or be extinguish like a candle in the wind by the encroaching dark.
Currently looking for 4 to 6 players for this game.

Wrath of the Righteous
Time: Saturday, negotiable start time in the morning/midday
System: Pathfinder 1e
Level 1 to 20 Mythic Campaign. With the death of god Aroden, the demon lord Deskari, whom Aroden had kept in check, succeeded in an act both unprecedented and horrifying: opening a rift between the Material Plane and the very depths of the Abyss itself. In this the nation of Sarkoris was ‘murdered’, its land becoming this very rift, now known as the Worldwound. Many a nation has since banded together to contain the Worldwound and all the demons that seek to invade the Material Plane, but none more so than the nation of Mendev. Mendev have launched four crusades over the century to combat this threat under the leadership of the Crusader Queen Galfrey. Through valiant efforts of the Mendevian crusaders, the Worldwound is contained, but this is a losing battle. As Kenabres, an important Mendevian stronghold, come under attack by the demonic forces, will this spell the end of Mendev and the world, or is this the start of a Fifth Crusade, one that might finally drive the demon back?
Currently have 1 player, looking for 3 to 5 more.

Payment and Other Info: My current rate is $15 per person per session. An introductory session 0 to get to know the group and the first session of a game will be completely free! I want you to be able to get a feel for me as GM and see if you are comfortable before you commit to giving me your time and money. For the rate that I am asking of you, you can expect consistency and quality for your time.
If what you’re looking for is mature and potentially NSFW contents in game, I am also comfortable and willing to run such as well, if I have the consent of the whole group. NSFW games rate is $20 per person per session.
All payment will be made through Paypal.

Thank for reading to the end, I’d really appreciate your interest! Feel free to message to me here, my Discord @ Naga#4133, or at my email [[email protected]] if you are interested or have any questions, I’d be more than happy to discuss things and answers your questions.