[Online][Paid][$10][Shadow Dark RPG] Low Fantasy Medieval Open World

Humanity is all that remains in these realms, the Elder Folk are gone. Which leaves humans to tear each other apart.

Golden pine needles rest in the cold hearths of northern ruins. Barrows grown over with moss, drowned with dense shadows. It’s inhabitants stir. Tombs of Princes lay with warships filled with silver and gems. Sandy crypts spill evil into the world of man. Treasures of old lay within the dark, glistening in false light. Legendary artifacts with history carved into them, inked with blood. The borderlands and ruins hold many riches.

Swords and lances are sharpened. Poisons and lies concocted. Banners raise and shields clatter. Brotherhoods are forsook. The brief period of peace was for naught. It is the time of war, of Vengeance Era.

An open world sandbox ripe for adventure where you will write your story with wit and blades.

A world inspired by Tolkien, Game of Thrones, The Black Company, the Witcher and our history.