[Online] [LFP] [PF2E][Foundry/Forge][$17] Pathfinder 2E The Quest for the Frozen Flame Paleolithic-style Adventure Path Monday at 4PM PST! LF up to 2 more

We are just starting book 2 (a session in, still in the first lil cave system that starts book 2) and at level 6 (the game is supposed to be 1-10, but do to a lil extras, will probably end up more level 1-15)

The Quest for the Frozen Flame is an excellent Pathfinder 2E adventure path with a distinct paleolithic-vibe; an aspect that immediately drew me to it and got me excited to dive into it and bring it to life. Step into the role of up-and-coming scouts for the mammoth-herding, hunter-gatherer Broken Tusk Tribe.

Tragedy comes with the Green Moon, and you will have to dig deep and push on facing off against dinosaurs, prehistoric megafauna and a dark twisted remnant of your past as you seek to reclaim a lost relic of great power that was once guarded by your tribe.

Save your people. Redeem their legacy. Unite with the past. Become heroes.

This game includes strong hexploration and organization building and recruiting elements on top of the more traditional Pathfinder gameplay (a mix of roleplaying, skill challenges and tactical combat).

We are level 5 and towards the end of book 1:

  • Human Barbarian (Herbalist Dedication)

  • Human Rogue (Druid dedication)

  • Human Summoner (Beastmaster Dedication)

On hiatus (back in 2-3 weeks):

  • Catfolk Fighter (Marshal Dedication)

About Me

I’ve been roleplaying for going on 30 years when my older brother started me off with a variety of games, and GMing for almost as long. I’ve run a couple long multi-year campaigns in the past, and I love being able to dig into the long term stuff and watch characters grow and change.

I bring a non-adversarial but still challenging GM-style with a focus on player agency. I am a variable GM able to handle heavy roleplay or tactical skirmish focused content and cater to a variety of player playstyles.

Zero Tolerance Policy

I have a zero tolerance for bigotry at my table (including but not limited to racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny)

Player Needs

  • No prior experience with Pathfinder 2E or roleplaying games is necessary.
  • Have a mic and a stable enough internet connection to manage voice communication (Camera/video is purely optional)
  • Discord Account (Free) and willingness to join a server.
  • Forge Account (Free)

Technical Details

  • Session Length: 2.75-3 hours
  • Session Frequency: Weekly
  • Time: 4PM PST on Monday
  • Payment: $17 per player, per session.
  • Software: Foundry (hosted via Forge) and Discord.
  • Safety Tools: Lines and Veils, X-Card, Stars and Wishes, Roses and Thorns.

Link: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Quest for The Frozen Flame [Starting Book 2, Hexcrawl, Beginner Friendly, 🏳️‍🌈] MON

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