[Online] [LFP] [PF2E][Foundry][Forge][$17] FRESH Pathfinder 2E Abomination Vaults recruiting for Thursday at 10:15AM PDT!

After 500 years, the peaceful town of Otari has had its legends and fears coalesce into reality with the burning of that single icy blue baleful light. Your mutual friend, Wrin Sivinxi, has called you together and implored you to investigate the burning of the Gauntlight and put at rest the fears of the people of Otari, or if it comes to it, to defend them.

Abomination Vaults is a level 1-11 megadungeon released by Paizo, it is tactically heavy, but does provide options for several encounters to approach things socially or diplomatically if you prefer. It can be a challenge, and a mistake or misstep can spell doom. Character death is a very real possibility, coming into the game with a back up character idea (or two) wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

I open up some optional content within and around Otari, in case the players want to take a quick break from the dungeon crawl.

About Me

I’ve been roleplaying for going on 30 years when my older brother started me off with a variety of games, and GMing for almost as long. I’ve run a couple long multi-year campaigns in the past, and I love being able to dig into the long term stuff and watch characters grow and change.

Zero Tolerance Policy

I have a zero tolerance for bigotry at my table (including but not limited to racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny)

Player Needs

  • No prior experience with Pathfinder 2E or roleplaying games is necessary.

  • Have a mic and a stable enough internet connection to manage voice communication (Camera/video is purely optional)

  • Discord Account (Free) and willingness to join a server.

  • Forge Account (Free)

Technical Details

  • Session Length: 2.75 - 3 hours.

  • Session Frequency: Weekly

  • Time: 10:15 AM PDT on Thursday

  • Payment: $17 per player, per session.

  • **Software: **Foundry (hosted via Forge) and Discord.

  • Safety Tools: Lines and Veils, X-Card, Stars and Wishes, Roses and Thorns.

Link: https://startplaying.games/adventure/clicq8upn000j08jrdf3m4292

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