[Online] [LFP] [PF1E] Creep on the Corrupt Court

##Creep on the Corrupt Court

:crossed_swords: Pathfinder 1E

:calendar: Saturday biweekly

:scroll: **:Pf1e ruleset forgotten realms setting campaign timeline 300 years after the fall of Nethril. In a land ruled by the descendents of the arcamages of nethril a tragedy strikes. The princess of the kingdom goes missing, her royal bodyguards can find no traces, her family is paralyzed in shock and fear. Was it kidnapping or was something even worse at play. The plot leads deeper down the rabbit hole as the players delve further into the mysteries surrounding the mages of Halruua and their actions following the destruction of the kingdoms of Nethril.
The campaign combines elements of political intrigue, exploration, investigation and combat in a large kingdom and it’s surrounding area. Drama, adventure and fun.


:memo: Additional Details: Newish DM trying to get back in the swing of things. Not going to be all bells and whistles all the time. Just trying to have fun!