[ONLINE][LFP][PAID$12][Foundry VTT][Friendly][Voice] Spelljammer: Covert Class (Ongoing)

[ONLINE][LFP][PAID$12][Foundry VTT][Voice] Spelljammer: Covert Class

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online/Discord/Foundry VTT
Experience: New - Veteran
Location/Timezone: I’m in Canada, running on EST
Schedule: Every Saturday at 7pm EST to 10pm EST (or longer)
Roles: Player $12/seat - see post on startplaying
Game Style: We are currently a pretty laid-back group, and the next session will be running the third chapter of the introductory storyline “Spelljammer Academy”

“Cruisin’ on past Toril, you’re relaxed and feeling good.
Next thing that you know you’re seein’ illithid in the nieghorhood?!
Surfin’ on th’Astral Plane, then you’re swingin’ through some stars…
Oh $#@$ wait, is those Beholders riding in a Tyrant Ship?!”

Welcome to the exciting universe of Spelljammer!

We currently have an introductory adventure, 'Spelljammer Academy" in progress with plans to launch directly into the plot of the newest game book:

You and your fellow adventurers are recruits of the Spelljammer Academy, a mysterious organization headed by the adventurous Mirt the Merciless! Something is going on in Wildspace, and Toril is suddenly being dragged into a universal stage. Using his authority and contacts, Mirt the Merciless has prepared as best a defense as he can muster: training Toril’s finest explorers to traverse the treacherous expanse of Wildspace, and outfitting them with expertly crafted ships.

Are you brave enough, creative enough, noble enough to take to the very heavens and right the wrongs of the very Cosmos? Experience the world of 5th Edition like never before:

  • Serve on your own Spelljamming ship!
  • Explore new dynamics like atmospheres and gravity as you traverse the very Multiverse! No realm is truly out of reach, and new dimensions lay hidden, yet to be explored!
  • Discover new races, new cultures, new technologies and even magics!

Come explore a fantastical universe and a deep plot to destroy it all!