[ONLINE][LFP][PAID$12][Foundry VTT][Discord] Monster Hunter: Fantasm Operatives

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online/Discord/Foundry VTT
Experience: New - Veteran
Location/Timezone: I’m in Canada, running on EST
Schedule: Every Friday at 7pm EST to 10pm EST (or longer)
Roles: Player ($12/seat - see post on startplaying
Game Style: Every week we engage in a different-leveled mission to slay an infamous beast. From those beasts, players can scavenge materials to build unique and powerful weaponry that can be carried over game-to-game.

The world has been overhunted.
Between adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves and the varied devastations wrought by the Gods, Toril has lost most of its greatest predators. The extinction of these great beasts have left those of us known to make our trade through hunting these behemoths starving and disorganized.

Fortunately, we have recently come to possess old truths and channels to long forgotten realms and extraordinary beasts…

We plan to make use of them.

We are the Fantasm Operatives, recently having acquired the services of the grand Huntress Heliana, we intend to dispatch our hunters to the most remote sections of Toril (and beyond) to hunt those beasts long forgotten.

  • Not only will we provide you with intel and link you with fellow operatives, but our research and development team can make damn near anything out of any parts you may acquire - so get to harvesting your kills!
  • Each week we will explore a new scenario, leading to a grand tableau battle where the hunters’ skills will be put to the test!
  • If you enjoyed the Monster Hunter franchise and epic boss battles within 5e, this might be just the table for you!
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