I’m looking for Players for a Science Fiction D&D 5e Campaign that takes place in a homebrew campaign setting of ACCUCORPS.

This Science Fiction Setting with Cyberpunk aesthetics will have you and your fellow Employee Mercenaries with a diversity of interests be paid Top Credit as Representatives of the ACCUCORPS. Corporation. The Main Genre’s of this game are Action, Space Exploration, and Discovery. This setting does have magic powered by science fiction Technologies and Esper powers.

I currently have Three players within the game and I am seeking 2-3 more players for a Weekly game on the date and time above. This is a game for Relatively experienced players but experience isn’t absolutely required.

We will have 2 Session Zeroes: 12/1/2022 : Rules and Worldbuilding Session. 12/8/2022 : Character Creation Session. 12/15/2022: Session 1.

As a DM, I am a 26 year old male with a wide experience in TTRPGs. My Favorite Alternative RPGs to play are Zweihander and Heart. I also think that Wanderhome is a pretty good RPG.

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For any questions Feel Free to DM me.