[Online][LFP][FRIDAYS 3pm EDT] Shadowrun 5e: Shadows of Dallas [$17 dollars/Session]

Shadowrun 5e: Shadows of Dallas

Texas is the original ‘outlaw country’; a no-mans-land where the law is as good as the six-shooter on your hip. It’s calmed down in the last two hundred years, sure, and Lone Star polices the main metroplex, keeping the AAAs safe, but you head down south to Waxahachie, all you’ve got is your reputation and your gun hand. The DFW sprawl also houses a pervasive but subtle and quiet criminal element, from the anti-Aztlan Chavez drug cartels to the secretive Silver Blade Yakuza to the psychopathic, trigger happy Brides of Dracula biker club to the Neon Demons street gangs. Add to that Aztechnology and their desire to reclaim what they lost with their brush fire war against the CSA; and Horizon who wants to keep the film and music companies they got for pennies on the dollar because of it.

This isn’t like Seattle or Los Angeles or Neo Tokyo, the Runner community is pretty niche. Don’t get me wrong, it’s high demand here and the Mr. Johnsons’ are paying hand over fist for our services, but between people in Dallas and Fort Worth tend to stick to one end of the lines between criminals like the Ghost Cartels or the Yaks, or on the other on side of status quo like Lone Star and the other Megacorps, or the city bureaucracy. The shadows here are thin, but deep. Be warned.

Spots Open: 4/5
:game_die:System: Shadowrun 5e
:male_detective:Style: CyberPUNK. Not Pink Mohawk, more Mirrorshades. You’re professionals in a treacherous business, but still this is Texas.
:timer_clock:Session Length: 3-4 hours
:calendar:Schedule: Friday at 3:00 PM EST. 3 weeks out of the month
Requirements: Discord for voice and a computer that can run FoundryVTT for visuals. Price is $17 a session
Contact: DM me or post here, and we’ll conduct a short interview. I’ll answer any questions you might have!

We’re at two players now!