[ONLINE][LFP][FREE][Foundry VTT][Discord] Pathfinder PVP Colosseum! (Playtest)

:crossed_swords: Game System: Pathfinder 2nd Edition

:calendar: I am running this 2X a week

Monday: 11:00 PM Looking for 2-8 players

Tuesday: 11:00 PM Looking for 2-8 players


In the original PVP TTG Arena. Pathfinder Colosseum! (PLAYTEST) You will take your character building skills to the test against players, monsters and more! Want to see who’s finally the best? Come find out. Only have time for a single battle? NP, Jump in, Jump out!

:memo: Every Monday and Tuesday night. Please have a mic, a PC or laptop, a discord account, and an idea for a character. An understanding of the Pathfinder 2 ruleset is helpful but not necessary. Dice and character sheets will be handled by the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Beautiful remastered HD maps. Music and sounds will be handled through Syrinscape web player.

  • We are starting at 1st level, please build your character in pathbuilder 2e. No third party or adventure path content. You will DM me the six digit character code generated by Pathbuider.
  • Please join the Discord server and patiently wait to be added to the PVP channel.
  • Please set up a Forge account and join the game.
  • You will be expected to do all of these things 24 hours in advance so that others are not waiting for you at the time of the game. The playtest will continue indefinitely. Prices, dates and times are subject to change. Maps are subject to change.
  • Character deaths, though possibly highly traumatic, are not permanent.

Any further questions, please ask.