[Online][LFP][Foundry VTT][Discord][PF2E] Little Trouble In Big Absalom (Learn To Play One-Shot)

:baby: Little Trouble in Big Absalom :closed_book:

Learn 2 Play Pathfinder 2nd Edition One-Shot

This is a running of a modified Little Trouble in Big Absalom, which is a miniature level 1 one-shot featuring Kobolds, Kobolds, Kobolds!

This game is FREE, however there are some requirements to join. This game is focused on beginners and teaching a little bit of the game to people genuinely interested in learning pf2e but people of all experience levels looking for some basic play are welcome.

Paizo’s Official Description:
Always living in the shadows is hard when you’re a clever and regal creature like a kobold. Now it’s time to make a name for yourself and bring honor and prestige to your clan.

In Little Trouble in Big Absalom, you take on the role of one of five kobolds from the Hooksnout clan tasked with exploring a treasure-laden vault discovered by a team of Hooksnout diggers.

Enticed by the potential wealth, the kobolds brave terrible dangers in what turns out to be a grandmother’s basement before being asked by the kind old lady to retrieve her magical hedge trimmer from a neighbor’s garden.

  • Price: Free Learning
  • Date/Time: (Every Wed / Friday @ 3pm pst or around).
  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • Playstyle: Discord Voice, Foundry VTT.
  • Players: up to 5
  • Requirements: 18+, Good Mic, Internet, Willing to jump through hoops to have a opportunity to learn.

This one-shot requires about 4 - 6 hrs to complete including breaks.

REQUIRED: 18+ Only, join this Discord (Raymer's PF2E)

Msg (RaymerGames) for an Interview. I am going to give you the best crash-course into pf2e you could ask for and give you a lot of resources, however I require those who want to learn to be willing to do an Interview + Character Creation + Mini Session 0 with me, which can take about 2 hrs and to be enthusiastic and sociable.